Lightweight For Comfort Molded From High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe). Contoured Dome Maximizes Protection While Providing A Sleek Low Profile. Trim Bill Style For Greater Upward Vision. Built-In Rain Trough. Accessory Slot For Attaching Additional Personal Protective Equipment. Head Sizes 6.5 To 8
Ideal For Scratch Resistance And Premium Optics. High-Grade Cast Sheet Acetate Protects Against Splash. 99.9% Uv Protection
Ideal For Impact And Heat Resistance. Optical-Grade Polycarbonate From Extruded Sheets. 99.9% Uv Protection
Not Intended For High-Impact Protection. Applly Over A Face Shield To Dissipate Heat
Fits Huntsman K, K-4, and K-10, Glendale, Fibre-Metal, Jackson headgear, plus Huntsman C, H, P, 8100 BRC, 8100 BRS, Jackson, Bullard, and AO H-15 Safety cap attachments
Spark Deflector. Soft Absorbent Wrap-Around Foam Cushioned Sweatband Gently Hugs The Natural Shape Of The Head
Spark Deflector For Visor Use Without A Safety Cap. Fully Dielectric. Visor Secured With Integral Plastic Lugs
Snaps On Any Headgear. 2 Pack
Lightweight Durable Washable Thermoplastic Shell
Lightweight Durable Washable Thermoplastic Shell. Adf Adaptable (Av1105Vxl Only)