Impacto Protective Products, Inc.

Reduce shock with every step and help relieve tired feet. Airsol™ Inserts are contour molded to provide heel stability and arch support. Biocide® additive helps reduce foot odor. Please specify size when ordering. Mens Sizes: C 7-8.5, D 9-10.5, G 11-12.5, H 13-14 Ladies Sizes: A 5-6.5, B 7-8.5, E 9-10.5, F 11-12.5
IM503-20 Fingerless Nylon Lycra glove with a grain leather palm that wraps around palm for partial backhand protection. VEP 1/8" padding is on the palm, edge and back of hand. Sold by the pair or individually.
Provides impact and abrasion protection. Helps prevent over exention and over flextion of the wrist. Nylon Lycra glove with grain leather and 1/8" VEP padding in the palm and web area. Sold by the pair or individually.
Metatarsal foot protector. Attaches to safety footwear. Extremely durable lightweight polycarbonate material. Designed and tested to compliment steel cap footwear. The lip of the METGUARD sits on top of the steel cap at load point and is secured with existing laces or straps. It helps protect the workers’ upper foot by deflecting and dispersing the impact of falling loads. Fits all safety shoes and boots with optional attachment straps to secure to non-lace up footwear and rubber boots. One...
IMPACTO Straps for metatarsal protector #METGUARD. Black straps made of webbing nylon with plastic easy clip. 1" wide, 24" long.
IMPACTO Vibration reducing tool handle wrap. Visco-elastic polymer with self-adhesive silicone rubber tape (4 yards). Vibration and impact protection. Easily customized to fit open or closed tool handles. Improved gripping.
Allows finger sensitivity and dexterity for tool handling. Nylon Lycra glove with grain leather in palm and fingers for impact protection and 1/8" VEP pad covers the palm and fingers. Sold by the pair of individually.