RIT Safety Solutions

UL certified to NFPA standards, this Kevlar escape belt is rated at over 9000 pounds and has a burn rating of 862°F. Much like the truck belt, the RIT belt comes equipped with a 2" ladder hook and a Kevlar lanyard kept away in an Advance pouch until needed. Available in Nylon as well.
RIT's Class II Harness is UL certified to NFPA standards. It is designed to be worn on either the outside or the inside of the bunker pants. This versatile harness is designed to raise the center of gravity and, when used properly, will prevent the risk of inverting. The design includes individual, adjustable leg loops. RIT's Class II harness provides comfort for everyday use in the fire industry.
RIT Entry Bag is designed to hold a one hour bottle, regulator, buddy breathing hoses, and face piece. Standard six foot horses and extended houses can be accommodated. Brake away shoulder strap and grab handle allows for ease of handling. All components held inside the bag to decrease entanglement.
RIT's Extrication blanket is made of a Nomex outer shell, a Neoprene moisture barrier and a Aramid thermal liner. This 60" x 60" lightweight blanket provides protection for your patients against heat, flame and debris. The blanket is washable as well.
Our Group Search Kit makes large area search and RIT Team operations a safer task. The standard Kit is set up for a four person team providing a lifeline to the outside for each member. For Searching a large area the optional marker system of knots and rings assists in performing a systematic search and prevents duplication of search areas. The knot system assures team members of their location and the exit direction. The rings prevent tag lines from sliding and separating members. RIT...
Available in 35' (8 ounces), 5' (1.2 pounds), 65' (1.6 pounds) lengths complete with an auto locking rated carabiner in a fire resistant Indura bag.
The Pocket pack is designed to fit in either the coat or the pants pocket. It can contain either 50' or 7.5 mm Kevlar over polyester rope or 3/8" tubular Kevlar webbing. Also includes two NFPA certified carabiners and the RIT decent device. Call for pricing.
100' or 200' primary line- 3/8" (9.5mm) Kevlar rope with polyester filling - rated at 862°F / 7600 pound tensile strength. - provided with 2 non rated carabiners. Primary lines come in two different bag styles. Both are Cordura material.
Standard Tag Line 25' tag line- 3/8" Kevlar tubular webbing rated at 862°F / 5500 pound tensile strength - provided with one non-rated carabiner. Weighs less than eight ounces. Retractable Tag Line 20' tag line - 1/4 Kevlar over polyester rated at 862°F / 4200 pound tensile strength - provided with one non-rated carabiner in a retractable canister.
RIT's Truck belt is ideal for the hands free firefighter. It is UL certified to NFPA standards. Equipped with a tool holder and a D-ring, this Kevlar harness has the ability to carry just about anything a truckie might require. An NFPA certified ladder hook with a 2" fate on a Kevlar lanyard are kept hidden in an Advance pouch until needed, You'll find this Truck Belt with it's 3 1/2" leather back support much more comfortable than the standard Class 1 harness.