Crown Matting Technologies

This one of a kind anti-fatigue mat combines unsurpassed softness, resilience and durability for extraordinary fatigue relief. It has triple the resilience of vinyl foam mats. Since it is three times more durable than traditional vinyl foam, this mat is very economical. The overall thickness is 3/8" and has beveled edges and a slip-resistant pebble surface. The colors available are Black, Steel Gray and Royal Blue. Sold individually.
This industrial grade, 3/8" black foam base is fused to a vinyl Deck Plate surface. It is great for fab or machine shops, assembly areas & work benches. A beveled edge is on all four sides. The mat is resistant to most common fluids and chemicals. Overall thickness is 9/16". Available in 2', 3', 4' and 5' wide goods. Solid color & w/stripes. Sold individually.
This flexible, full size anti-fatigue mat features molded beveled edging for added safety. Drain through holes allow liquids and solids to pass through preventing build-up. Raised rib design promotes safe footing. The ½" thick low profile design is available in general purpose-black which is grease resistant or terra cotta which is grease proof. Sold individually.
This industrial grade anti-fatigue mat is constructed of durable, cushioned vinyl sponge which resists wear and tear. The 3/8" thick mat is great for all-day comfort. It is also available in a poly-coated surface. The colors available are Brown, Black and Gray. You may choose from a ribbed surface or pebble surface. Sold individually.
Tacky surface removes dirt, bacteria and mold while cleaning shoes with an anti-microbial agent. Heavy-duty tray has a slip-resistant backing. FDA-approved for direct food contack. Adhesive contains an anti-microbial agent. Refill pads available. Available in two sizes. Replacement pads available.