Built to meet the site-specific needs of various industries, FallTech multi-purpose anchors are designed for a wide variety of temporary and permanent applications.
A personal fall arrest system is nothing without a tie off point. Steel, concrete, wood, metal deck…all present challenges when it comes to anchoring your personal fall arrest system. We have developed a wide range of anchorage solutions for even the most challenging work environments.
When there is no margin for error on your job site, FallTech Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) deliver quick stopping power with minimal impact to the body and anchor point. Rugged, reliable and built to meet the industry’s highest standard, FallTech's SRLs bring safety and consistency to even the most challenging work environments.
FallTech connectors are tested to comply with current ANSI standards and built for a wide range of workplaces. FallTech has worked hard to make sure that when you need to be connected, you have the right equipment for the job.
The FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is a highly portable and reusable anchor for use on residential and commercial wood roof structures. More durable than most single point roof anchors, the FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is easily installed with nails, as a single point anchor for personal fall arrest or restraint; or, when attached with lag bolts and used in tandem, the Chain Roof Anchor can be connected to a FallTech Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System - increasing worker mobility and getting the...
Contractor Harnesses provide the adjustability, fit and value for the practical workforce. Available in standard non-belted, belted construction, and climbing versions.
FallTech has a wide variety of lanyards designed for specialty applications. Whether you are looking for a tie-back lanyard, extended free-fall or something that is able to survive extreme environments, we have all the bases covered.
High-Vis Vest harnesses uniquely combine traditional reflective vests with fully adjustable fall protection bodywear. Available in lime and orange for both ANSI compliant DOT Class 2 reflective, and contractor-grade reflective versions.
Internal shock absorbing lanyards are an effective, lightweight alternative to traditional pack lanyards. Internal lanyards are constructed using a tubular web integrated with a continuous length polyester web shock absorber. In the event of a fall, the compressed lanyard expands and the tubular web acts as a fail-safe to dissipate the forces and arrest the fall.
High-end construction-grade harnesses equipped for a wide range of fall protection applications. The workhorse of the FallTech line, Journeyman Harnesses stand up to the rigors of all day use. Available in standard non-belted, belted construction, climbing, retrieval, tower and derrick versions.