The Process

Here at Ark Safety, we develop unique solutions to meet your specific fall safety needs for all applications. Those needs are the driving force behind each project because we understand that not every solution has a product number.  No matter the size or scale of your project, Ark Safety provides you with a project manager who will partner with your safety team from first inquiry through annual inspections. 
We're a Full Turn-Key Solution. Here's a real example to show you how it works...
  • Facility Fall Hazard Assessment

Falls are consistently among the leading cause of injury and death across various applications.  We strongly believe that incidents involving falls are 100% preventable.  Our qualified fall protection specialists become your visionary and advocate from the moment they first visit your facility to identify your fall hazards. 
Facility Fall Hazard Assessment by Ark Safety
  • Design/Engineering and Fabrication

Now that your fall hazards have been identified, a custom solution is being developed specifically for you. Our team of Fall Protection Engineers will work with you to ensure that both your needs and compliance are met.  Once the drawings have reached approval, your custom unit will undergo fabrication at a top-notch facility with only the highest quality technicians and materials. 
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Custom Fall Safety Solution Designs by Ark SafetyArk Safety North America Custom Fall Safety Solution Design Provider
Custom Fall Safety Solution Designs for North America Industry ApplicationsCustomized Fall Safety and Prevention Solutions Designed by Ark Safety
Portable Custom Fall Safety Systems for Transportation/Municiple applicationsPortable Overhead Rail Fall Safety Systems for Transportation Industy
  • Installation

We pride ourselves in our custom fall protection solution expertise. Not only will the products be quality, you will also experience quality service. Each installation is enhanced through the use of hands-on designated installation experts that will personally see your installation through completion and testing.
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Fall Safety Systems Designed and Installed by Ark Safety
Custom Fall Safety Solutions and Installation for all industry
Custom Fall Safety Solutions by Ark Safety North America
Fall Safety Systems Customized to Clients Needs
Ark Safety Fall Safety Solutions for all Industries
Fall Prevention and Safety Systems for Transportation
Fall Safety System Design, Installation and Training
  • Employee Training

With each custom installation, Ark Safety provides an in-depth, project-specific fall protection training.  Your employees' safety are our number one priority.  By training your team they become competent and confident in the new system.  Each custom unit is also accompanied by a manual that includes a certificate of manufacturing and installation compliance, warranty information, commissioning and inspection check-list, project approval drawings, and user manuals for all additional equipment (SRLs, Harnesses, Carabiners, etc.). 
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Custom Fall Safety Systems Design and Install Process
  • Annual Safety Inspections

Annual Inspections of the custom units are essential to ensuring safety and compliance.  An Ark Safety qualified fall protection inspector will visit you on-site and verify that the unit is compliant within the manufacturing standards. Upon completion of the annual inspection, your safety team will be provided a documented report along with a certificate of inspection. More Questions? Contact Ark Safety
Ark Safety Fall Safety Equipment North America

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Ark Safety has been providing Industries throughout North America with the highest quality Fall Protection and Prevention Solutions for years (see our Testimonials section)