Custom Fall Safety Solutions

Here at Ark Safety, we develop unique solutions to meet your specific fall safety needs for all applications. Those needs are the driving force behind each project because we understand that not every solution has a product number. 

Custom Fall Protection System ProcessThe Process

Ark Safety provides full turn-key Fall Protection Solutions. From a facility fall hazard assessment, to design/engineering and fabrication, to installation and employee training, to annual safety inspections, we will partner with you to meet your unique application needs. Read more about the process here.


Custom Fall Protection for Aviation ApplicationsAircraft

Whether for commercial, military or corporate aviation, Ark Safety is your #1 custom fall protection specialist.  Ark Safety has designed numerous custom aircraft fall protection systems anywhere from a mobile/easily transportable system to a fixed... read more.


Fall Protection for Heavy Equipment MaintenanceEquipment Maintenance

Do you have to get on top of a large piece of equipment for maintenance, but doing so safely doesn't seem like a possibility? Ark Safety has the solution that you are looking for! We are able to provide workers with increased coverage and protection... read more.


Fall Protection for General Industry ApplicationsGeneral Industry

Industrial workers at height have an extremely high risk for falls. Very few applications are the same and every general industry facility is unique. Because of this, a custom solution may be the only option to accurately accommodate your needs and protect... read more.



Fall Protection Solutions for Rail Transportation  IndustryRailcar

Performing tasks at height in the railcar industry can be very dangerous. Ark Safety is experienced in providing customized Fall Protection Systems for differing railcar heights, styles, cargo, inspections, loading and unloading processes.  Outdoor and weather conditions can further enhance the danger... read more.



Roof Top Fall Protection Systems by Ark SafetyRooftop

Ark Safety offers a wide variety of rooftop custom fall safety solutions. From accessing rooftops, to building maintenance and cleaning, to new construction, we've got a customized solution to fit your specific needs. Both temporary and permanent varieties... read more.



Transportation Industry Fall Protection Systems Transportation

There is a significant need for fall protection systems in the transportation industry. Regular maintenance is required for buses, trucks, trams, and rapid transit vehicles, but few understand how to overcome each fleet's unique challenges. It is often required to get on top... read more.



Overhead Fall Protection Systems by Ark SafetyOverhead

Overhead custom fall protection units are extremely versatile and widely used among many varying applications.  Whether your custom system will provide fall protection over one or multiple workstations, it will be designed for your specific industrial... read more.



Pre-engineered Fall Protection SystemsPre-Engineered

There may already be a Fall Protection System available to meet your needs!  Ark Safety offers pre-engineered options from reputable and reliable manufacturers such as Flexiguard by Capital Safety, Miller Fall Protection by Honeywell and Standfast USA, to name a few.  Click here to browse these options!


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