True North Gear/DragonWear

Our Power Grid™ fire resistant (FR) dual hazard 1/4 zip shirt provides maximum warmth to help you cope with the most extreme cold.
Our Livewire™ 1/4 zip shirt provides unmatched warmth and greater protection to help you stay comfortable and safe in frigid temperatures.
Fire resistant Dual Hazard Sweatshirt with excellent stretch, that is also water and wind resistant protection.
Power Grid™ FR Dual Hazard pants provide maximum warmth to help you cope with the most extreme cold.
Fire-Resistant (FR), Dual Hazard, 4-way stretch Beanie compatible with hard hats.
Featuring Polartec’s® time-tested Wind Pro® FR fabric, this jacket redefines high expectations with its durable, wind-resistant and water-repellent finish designed to block wind and shed light rain and snow.
This Dual Hazard Hooded hybrid is CAT 2 protection, and combines the best features of a versatile, hooded outer layer with a one-of-a-kind, built-in fleece balaclava.
Fire-resistant (FR) Power Dry Dual Hazard Hi-Vis Shirt that offers optimal visibility, moisture wicking performance and is certified for NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E.
FR Dual Hazard long-sleeve shirt that protects from arc flash hazard and provides moisture-wicking comfort.
The Jacket’s core strengths remain firmly in place; Polartec® Power Shield FR fabric blends in Polartec® Power Grid 4-way stretch fleece for maximum warmth, minimal weight and ultimate breathability. Durable, FR membrane on the outer surface rebuffs 98% of wind, while the water-repellent outer shell keeps light rain and snow at bay.