Tuff Built Products

Tuff Built's Pro-Series Tripods come in 3 different heights, collapsible stages and featuring the "Tuff-Klik" pin-less adjustment. Packages with devices are avalible - call for more info and for pricing.
Tuff Built's Mobile Access Stair System (M.A.S.S.) and the Free Standing Access Stair Systems (F.S.A.S.S) provide a portable means of accessing elevated work areas with a fully functional stairway versus a conventional ladder. Units come in variety of adjustable heights and optional attachments. Contact our office for details and pricing.
Free standing portable and permanently installed options let you pick the solution that is best suited to your facility's individual needs. Please Call for Pricing.
Tuff Built's A-Frame Systems are designed to roll over equipment and other structures requiring access to provide ground-up fall protection for your elevated work activities. Custom A-Frame sizing is avalible, please Call for Pricing.
Tuff Built's All Terrain 4x4 Exosphere Anchor System is a self-contained Hydraulic system that is operated via wireless remote control. Driving, setup and anchor height adjusting is all carried out with a simple to follow remote control. Comes with a 4 stage telescoping mast, adjustable 42ft anchor point height, 2 anchor points with easily replacable arms, heavy duty skid steer tires, five (5) emergency switches, heavy duty leveling jacks, audible warning alarm and optional rescue package...
Best Stair Packages are designed as a "builder package". Each package comes with a number of sections in a variety of sizes in which they can be assembled to reach different heights. These heights are limited to package description heights. More options and custom sizing avalible - call for quotation.
Tuff Built's Exospheres are mobile fall protection units. The Exosphere Complete Packages come with a simple Manual Hydraulic pump system which raises and lowers the anchor point height. These systems can go up to a maximum height of 40ft and for two users. Build your own Exosphere option is available - call for pricing.
The Exosphere Highway Trailer is a mobile anchor point system which can be easily be towed from one jobsite to another. The Highway Trailer is manufactured in compliance with NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers). Other sizes available, call for pricing.
Para-Stair Systems are a self supporting stair for accessing elevated work surfaces and designed so that the Stair tread remains level over an operating range of 30° to 60°. More options and custom systems are available - call for pricing.