Knit with Dyneema®, Banom™Terminator™ gloves have incredible comfort and dexterity. These cut resistant gloves have proven to be safe, durable, and cost effective in sheet metal assembly operations. Special palm coating provides a good grip in oily, wet or dry applications. Nylon over locked cuffs won't unravel when laundered.
Marless® gloves are designed for use in handling raw glass panels that will later be coated with other materials. The special palm coating resists leaving any trace elements on sheet glass that could later cause a defect when "low E" or mirrored coatings are applied. Its tacky grip provides a positive surface contact in order to keep glass edges from moving during the handling process. When handling products with a sharp edge, reducing hand movement is an important component of cut...
Banom® MaxPly® Dyneema® liners can be comfortably worn underneath any cover glove. The liners stretch with every hand movement to allow dexterity. Due to their lightweight they are cool and comfortable to wear. MaxPly® Dyneema® is a stretchable filament yarn that provides cut resistance by utilizing high tensile strength