Magnolia Brush

Made of best quality broom corn. Fan shaped, sewed 4 times. Handle has a clear lacquered finish.
Hang up hole in handle
Squeegee frame is made of 1"angle aluminum to which a 2" wide x ¼" thick strip of high-grade flexible black squeegee rubber or neoprene is attached with cadmium plated screws. These squeegees are available with two different types of handle assembly. The numbers followed by “TP" or “TPN" are equipped with a tapered handle socket. Steel bracketed handle is included in the price and weight of the 41 Line, 41N Line, 46 Line and 46N Line squeegees.
Magnolia Brush deck brushes are heavily filled with fiber in sanded hardwood blocks with one tapered and one threaded handle hole. 
Dope Brush - Stiff Grey Horsehair.
Filling material is staple set in a wax tumbled 20" x 3"  hardwood block with hang up hole in handle.
Hot-dipped galvan­ized pail. Superior quality to pre-galvanized pails. Durable and long-lasting containers for liquids. Will not crack or leak.
Heavy-duty handle brace made of aluminum bar stock. Complete with all hardware
Filling material is staple set in a toothbrush style handle. Designed for general cleaning in metal plating and finishing industries or for cleaning small parts, seams and soldered joints.
Floor Brush - Blue Plastic - Heavy Gauge Bristle. Durable long lasting plastic will outlast natural fibers. For wet or dry sweeping where a heavy duty broom is required such as rock or gravel spreading, roofing work and heavy farm use.