National Safety Apparel

Arc Rating: 10 cal/cm². CAT 2. Fabric/Material: Plastic. Includes hard hat and faceshield with slotted adapter. Light green faceshield. Solid blue chin cup. Made in the USA.
Out most popular aluminized glove features an all leather palm with an aluminzed rayon back. The winged-thumb glove is wool lined and is 13 inches in length.
The hood is constructed from Norbest 918™ shell with an adjustable ratchet suspension system with quick-clip hard hat attachments. Faceshield has an exterior gold film cover for added radiant heat protection.
Our deluxe coat with snap or velcro closures and aluminized front and back features a back flap and under-arm eyelets for ventilation, as well as a split sleeve with snaps for easy fastening. - *4-6 week lead time, non-returnable*
These T45 standard, aluminized overpants feature reinforced seat seams, belt loops and a snap closure. The outer layer of aluminum, which has been added to a wide range of heat-resistant materials, adds radiant heat protection of up o 2950° F.
The standard NSA faceshield unit features a slotted hard hat with a 10,12 or 20 cal/cm² (ATPV) rated faceshield. These lightweight units have high visible light transmission (VLT) and a chin cup for added protection.
Class 3, 10 oz. Fl. Yellow PU Coated FR Cotton Trench Coat, 48" Long
Class E, 10 oz. Fluorescent Yellow PU Coated FR Cotton Bib Pant
Long Coat, FR hook & loop closure, DuPont™ Nomex® knit wrist, 49" long. - *4-6 week lead time, non-returnable*
When a job or task requires additional protection, National Safety Apparel offers many options to meet your needs. You will find a wide variety of protection levels, fabrics, and colors of arc flash clothing designed for electrical work. If you have a specific need, we customize! ArcGuard™ Series: 32" Long, 9 oz. Navy UltraSoft® Coat, FR Hook and loop closure,(Arc Rating = 12 cal/cm²).