Electric, explosion-proof motor is UL/CSA listed. Single-phase motor includes NEMA rated 115v plug for use with the explosion-proof socket (included). Meets Class I, Divisions I and II, Groups C and D and Class II, Divisions I and II, Groups E,F and G Hazardous Location Requirements. EXPLOSION PROOF MODELS
AC Model: Weighing 13% less than our 9513. This blower features a venturi inlet to increase CFM . Designed with tough steel construction, rubber feet, handle and a durable grill. Complete with AC electric motor. Blower sold separately or with quick-connect 15' or 25' ducting canister. DC Model: The COM-PAX-IAL blower can run off a truck battery when you're on the road. 12 volt DC electric motor with single speed performance. Lightweight and easy to store. Features a 15'...
For easy storage and transportation. Coated nylon bag with cylinder shape for tight controlled fit will hold 8", 12", or 16" duct, up to 25'. Features double zipper for ease of access, reinforced carry handle and shoulder strap.
Allows safe connection of additional ducting for remote locations, this connector is constructed of galvanized steel with a raised lip to hold ducting in place.
Same as our 12", but includes explosion-proof UL/CSA listed, single phase motor and NEMA rated 115V plug and socket. Meets Class I, Division I and II, Group E, F, G Hazardous Requirements. Warning: Explosion-Proof Blowers must be used with statically conductive ducting.
This unit can be used for both delivering fresh air or extracting contaminated air. Tough steel construction with handle and weighing only 27 lbs. makes this blower easy to transport. Add 12" standard ducting for greater flexibility. High RPM motor.
For very large confined spaces this large, 16" axial blower delivers high output for drawing or pushing air. The durable and tough metal housing holds a 6 blade impeller. It is designed for easy stacking for multiple blower use.
This lightweight, corosion, UV and chemical resistant polyethylene housing offers a superior design with durable construction.The carry handle is molded into the blower. This compact and super quiet unit features a polypropylene, nine blade fan, a steel/powder coated grill and comes with a 5ft. electrical cord or 15 ft. cord with Alligator clips. The bottom enclosure ensures safe and convenient storage of electrical components. Designed to work seperately with canister and ducting. The quick-...
This versatile system features the 8" COM-PAX-IAL blower with canister and your choice of 15' or 25' ducting. This lightweight unit is designed with the quick-connect clipping system which allows workers to attach the canister, tools-free, to the input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation. The 15' or 25' ducting stores conveniently within the canister. Special design features include blower and canister built-in carry handles, built-in On/Off...
This 8" axial blower is an all-in-one ventilation system. The design allows ducting to collapse into a built-in canister for easy storage. Includes blower, built-in storage canister and 15 feet or 25 feet of ducting. Free air output: 1275 cfm.