Sky Anchor

The Sky Anchor solutions provide a secure anchorage point, giving the worker increased coverage and protection while working at heights. All systems are rated for one person use and provide 360° mobility within the safe working radius from the anchor point. All available systems incorporate a collapsible design for easy setup, as well as a variety of bases for securing the system onto any job site. These systems are ANSI and OSHA compliant. Sky Anchor Options: (1) Winch Rescue Kit, (2) Custom Paint Job (3) Base Cap. CALL FOR PRICING.
Product #DescriptionOffset# Of UsersEaQuantity
DBI853015215.25 ft. Anchor Height6 ft.10.00
DBI853016118.75 ft. Anchor Height6 ft.10.00
DBI853038721.25 ft. Anchor Height6 ft.10.00
DBI853032023.25 ft. Anchor Height7 ft.10.00
DBI8530210Floor Mount - Concrete, SteelN/A1 User Rated0.00
DBI8530314Core Mount Sleve - ConcreteN/A1 User Rated0.00
DBI8530162Floor Mount - ConcreteN/A1 User Rated0.00