3M™ DBI-SALA® Flexiguard™ M200 Modular Jib System

Exceptional configuration compatibility.Improved transportability. Get the coverage you need with this versatile new fall protection system. Available in both the M100 and M200 Series, the 3M™ DBI-SALA® Flexiguard™ Modular Jib System features a simplified design that enhances worker safety in multiple applications. Increased rail-length configurations improve working coverage while a new design facilitates easier system transport. Read the below additional document to learn more! *CALL FOR PRICING*
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
DBIM200M200 Modular Jib System0.00
DBI8530899Semi-Fixed Height, Single User Mast 15-20ft0.00
DBI8530900Semi-Fixed Height, Single User Mast 20-25ft0.00
DBI8530901Semi-Fixed Height, Single User Mast 25-30ft0.00
DBI8530902Semi-Fixed Height, Dual User Mast 15-20ft0.00
DBI8530903Semi-Fixed Height, Dual User Mast 20-25ft0.00
DBI8530904Semi-Fixed Height, Dual User Mast 25-30ft0.00
DBI8530891Adjustable Height Single User Mast 12.3-15ft0.00
DBI8530892Adjustable Height Single User Mast 14.8-20ft0.00
DBI8530893Adjustable Height Single User Mast 17.3-25ft0.00
DBI8530894Adjustable Height Single User Mast 19.8-30ft0.00
DBI8530895Adjustable Height Dual User Mast 12.3-15ft0.00
DBI8530896Adjustable Height Dual User Mast 14.8-20ft0.00
DBI8530897Adjustable Height Dual User Mast 17.3-25ft0.00
DBI8530898Adjustable Height Dual User Mast 19.8-30ft0.00
DBI8530887Portable Counterweight Base with Concrete Fill0.00
DBI8530886Portable Counterweight Base without Concrete0.00
DBI8530888Permanent Floor Mounted Base0.00
DBI8530889Permanent Flush Mounted Base0.00
DBI8530905Confined Space & Rescue Pulley Kit0.00
DBI8530907Jack Stabilizing Kit0.00
DBI8530908Smooth Surface Caster Kit0.00
DBI8530912Forklift Pocket Mast Transport Kit0.00
DBI8512936Overload Clutch0.00
DBI8530777Counterweight Box Lifting Ring Kit0.00