SCBA Cover Kits

The Deluxe SCBA Cover Kit protects SCBA’s from dirt and UV light. Velcro closure offers quick access. Includes heavy vinyl cover, silk screened identification, masonite backboard and deluxe tough, yellow steel cylinder bracket.
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
AL4110-04EBA Bracket, 4¾" Clip, 5/10 Minute38.36
AL4110-15w/ 5¼" Clip150.68
AL4110-16w/ 6¾" Clip150.68
AL4110-17w/ 7¼" Clip150.68
AL4110-18Cover & Backboard Only82.19
AL4111-05SCBA Bracket, 5¼" Clip, 30 Min.67.12
AL4111-06SCBA Bracket, 6¾" Clip, 45 Min., hp67.12
AL4111-07SCBA Bracket, 7¼" Clip fits 60 min., hp67.12