Helmets & Loose-Fitting Facepieces L-Series Headgear

The L-Series is a new family of headgear that is available in bump cap, hard hat and helmet options. The bump cap and hard hat versions are available in wide view lens, welding and combination of both lenses. The helmet version is available in wide view lens and wide view lens with welding shield. All of the L-Series headgear works with the 3M™ GVP-Series PAPR and 3M™ Supplied Air Systems. NIOSH approved. To Build a System: 0. Choose a Headgear 2. Choose a compatable Breathing Tube 3. Choose an Air Control Device 4. Choose an Air Supply Hose 5. Choose an Air Purification Panel
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
3MW-9435-253/8In. High Pressure Hose 25Ft.131.01
3MW-9435-503/8In. High Pressure Hose 50Ft.204.23
3MW-9435-1003/8In. High Pressure Hose 100Ft.317.04