Filters & Retainers

N-Series filters and retainers. For use with North reusable Air Purifying Respirators.
Product #DescriptionPackedPkQuantity
N7506N95N95 Non Oil Particulte Filter10/Pk.10.11
N7506N99N99 Non Oil Particulte Filter10/Pk.13.32
N7506R95R95 Particulte Filter10/Pk.23.62
N7531N95Dust Filter Assembly N95 Non Oil Particulte Filter2/Pk.10.21
N7531N99Dust Filter Assembly N99 Non Oil Particulte Filter2/Pk.10.78
N7531R95Dust Filter Assembly N95 Particulte Filter2/Pk.15.85
N7580P100P100 Filter For All Particulates2/Pk7.89
NN750029Shower Cap For 7580P100A Filter2/Pk1.66
NN750035Piggyback Adapter For 75Ffp100A Pancake Filter2/Pk6.01