The EMU™

The EMU™ (Engineered Modular Unit) is a highly customizable, modular system designed for easy adjustment and maximizing flexibility without sacrificing safety. The lightweight design allows for easy mobility around the jobsite with a pallet jack or forklift. With three adjustable height models and one fixed height version plus three mounting options,there is a configuration to fit virtually any need. Shipping Costs Calculated Seperately. CALL FOR PRICING.
Product #DescriptionHeightRail LengthEaQuantity
DBI8530557Adjustable Jib AssemblyAdjustable Range 10 ft. - 15 ft. (3m - 4.6m)7 ft. (2.1m) Offset0.00
DBI8530558Adjustable Jib AssemblyAdjustable Range 13 ft. - 20 ft. (4m - 6m)7 ft. (2.1m) Offset0.00
DBI8530559Adjustable Jib Assembly Adjustable Range 15 ft. - 25 ft. (4.5m - 7.6m)7 ft. (2.1m) Offset0.00
DBI8530571Fixed Height Jib Assembly21 ft. (6.4m)7 ft. (2.1m) Offset0.00
DBI8530566Counterweight Base. Weight: 5,000 lb. (2,268kg) Concrete IncludedN/AN/A0.00
DBI8530563Jack Leveling Kit for Counterweight BaseN/AN/A0.00
DBI8530564Concrete Floor Mount Base. Includes: Davit Base and Mast InsertN/AN/A0.00
DBI8530565Top Floor Mount Base. Includes: Floor Mounting Plate and Mast InsertN/AN/A0.00