Counterweight Rail Fall Arrest System

Counterweight Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) is designed to use a FlexiGuard™ or customer-specified counterweight to extend an anchor point over a work surface. As a result, the system can be positioned close to equipment or structure without obstructing access. DURABLE * Powder coated T 6061 lightweight aircraft aluminum and steel * Rigid gusseted support for extra tall and wide applications * Wheels: Heavy-duty urethane or foam filled pneumatic (won't go flat) * Rail: Maintenance free extruded aluminum rail for free gliding trolleys PORTABLE * Ability to respostion with forklift * Trailer mounted designs for easy mobility VERSATILE * Indoor and outdoor use * Portable or fixed solutions available * Multiple overhead anchor points * Leveling pads for uneven surfaces * Rail runs parallel to a load, giving a larger area of coverage * Does not require engineered piles or costly foundation installation * Standard counterweights available * Additional length can be added by joining multiple systems CUSTOMS * Customer specified counterweight options * Custom designs available to meet your specifications * Specialized installation, supervision and training are available with every solution * Call Ark Safety for custom product details. CALL FOR PRICING.
Product #Anchor HeightRail WidthWeighted# Of UsersEaQuantity
DBI851776022 ft. (6.7 m)32 ft. (9.8 m)Not Included20.00
DBI851776122 ft. (6.7 m)32 ft. (9.8 m)Included20.00
DBI851776222 ft. (6.7 m)42 ft. (12.8 m)Not Included20.00
DBI851776322 ft. (6.7 m)42 ft. (12.8 m)Included20.00