Compact Cage™

The compact design allows an operator to access constricted areas, such as in a standard ceiling tile openings; so now operators can work above drop ceilings while complying with tie-off rules. The Cage is constructed of nonconductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite. TheCompact Cage is fully adjustable in one-foot increments, allowing the operator to adjust the platform height to the job at hand. Each side adjusts independently, so operators can also use the Compact Cage over uneven surfaces or stairs, where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder could never go. And the Compact Cage protects operators in a fully enclosed working platform, allowing them to work safely and quickly with two hands while complying with industry regulations. Time- and energy-saving Tip & Glide™ Wheels make it quick and easy to move from job to job.
Product #ModelStanding Level MinStanding Level MaxMaximum ReachBase WidthMin FootprintMax FootprintStorageGuardrail HeightWeightEaQuantity
LG195044'-6'3' 10"5' 9"11 '3"2' 5"4' 1"5' 3"13"x8' 6"42"72 lbs1,210.99
LG195066'-10'5' 10"9' 7"15 '1"3' 5"5' 3"8'13"x10' 6"42"93 lbs1,895.99