Ideal for chemical or battery storage needs. Seamless construction in 100% polyethylene eliminates leaks and is nearly impervious to chemicals including acids and corrosives
An easy-to-use effective method of relieving pressure in spent aerosol cans. It changes them from solid hazardous waste to a non-hazardous fully recyclable state. Every 100 cans punctured and emptied by Aerosolv® increases recyclable scrap metal by 25 lb. and reduces solid waste by 10 cubic feet making Aerosolv® extremely cost effective
Constructed of 100% welded aluminum - they will not rust corrode or discolor. Heavier gauge aluminum mesh and extruded (not bent) frame add rigidity and resistance to tampering. All models have an exclusive solid aluminum roof panel that slants toward the back to shed water and ice
Prevent sparks from static electricity generated by movement and flow of flammable liquids. Bonding between containers during liquid transfer and connecting drums to an earth ground are required under Federal and Local Codes
Provide easy cleaning of small parts in solvents. Spring-loaded
Both doors have storage for small containers. Can accept a padlock. Two removable sumps slide out. Labeled for ACID contents. Two vent holes with removable caps on backside. Each segregated compartment has adjustable shelf. Leakproof. Chemically inert linear low density polyethylene. Stores thirty 1-liter bottles or a variety of containers
U-Loc™ paddle handle with slip resistant grip. 3-point self-latching
Useful for cleaning parts and sub assemblies. Can be moved to accomodate changing production. Manually-operated cover stays open. Cover has self-closing mechanism and fusible link which melts at 165 ™