Ensures a quick, safe, easy method for wiping respirators between full cleaning periods. Large (5" x 8"), individually foil-packaged towelettes contain 70% Isopropanol and are designed specifically for use on rubber respirator facepieces and other personal safety equipment. Alcohol Free pads are for use on respirator facepieces where the manufacturer recommends using a non-alcohol cleaning wipe. Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride. Will not harm even the most sensitive rubber...
Wipes contain alcohol
For quick and easy ready to use cleaning and disinfecting of personal safety equipment. Non-streaking cleaner makes this ideal for industrial environments. Convenient 27 oz. trigger spray bottle. EPA registered
Easy to use 6" x 7 ½" wipes for respirator and other personal safety equipment clean-up. These Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohol wipes reduce the hazard of contamination. 220 wipes per canister. The impact resistant ABS holder mounts on the wall to store wipe canisters for quick and easy access.