High visibility orange one piece TPR back for impact protection to back of hand, thumb & fingers, natural color poly/cotton corded double palm.
Import, extra heavy weight, 100% cotton, olive drab or fluorescent orange, flame retardant, black flame retardant knit wrist, wing thumb
Heavy weight, corded poly/cotton outer, non-woven liner, red knit wrist
Heavy weight, corded poly/cotton outer, non-woven liner, natural knit wrist
Sarco Impact Glove, extra heavy weight, poly/cotton cord outer, non-woven liner, fluorescent green or orange fingers, white poly knit wrist. Men's. Also available in poly/cotton cord double palm with wool liner, red.
Sarco Impact Glove, orange dot canvas outer, fluorescent green or fluorescent orange fingers, white poly knit wrist
Resistant to over 280 different chemicals, including alcohols, aliphatic, aromatics, chlorines, ketones and esters. Does not contain chemical accelerators that can cause allergic reactions. Low-cost, disposable gloves do not have to be recycled and can be readily available to workers. Can be used as a secondary inner glove. Allows worker maximum protection in heavy duty jobs where the dangers of mechanical damage to gloves are high. 2.7 mil. Ambidextrous.
Super Oil Rig®, extra heavy weight, poly/cotton outer, non-woven liner, knit wrist.