Tuff Built's innovative Quad Frame Systems are available with hydrolic packages to allow for height adjustment. Please Call for Pricing.
System is the ultimate in mobility for fall protection systems. Simply roll the system into position and lock into place. Our Rolling A-Frame system can eliminate the need for a permanently installed system, while providing coverage to virtually every location in your plant. This mobile system is also available as a custom engineered solution for your facility. Application Options: Single, dual, or multiple tracks for one, two, or multiple workers. Manual leveling jacks. Foam-filled pneumatic...
Rigid Lifelines® Ceiling-Mounted Monorail systems provide rigid track fall protection along a straight path. The Ceiling-Mounted system does not require additional support columns, which allows workers more free space on the floor.
Rigid Lifelines® Column-Mounted Swing Arm systems attach to existing building supports and provide semi-circular coverage with 180-degree arm rotation
Rigid Lifelines® Rolling A-Frame systems are easy to move by hand. Workers can simply move the system into position and lock the wheels for fall protection anywhere in the facility. Rolling A-Frame systems are available in fixed and adjustable height models
Rigid Lifelines® Fold-Away systems are ideal for applications with limited space. The arms extend to provide fall protection along a fixed path and fold out of the way when not in use
Rigid Lifelines® Freestanding Swing Arm systems provide coverage for a circular area with 360-degree arm rotation. The arm and the trolley follow the worker to minimize swing fall hazards.
Rigid Lifelines® Inverted-L systems are ideal for outdoor applications in the transportation industry. Systems can cover long spans, making them perfect for accessing the tops of vehicles, railcars, and long structures.
Rigid Lifelines® Inverted-U systems are great for applications at the top of transportation equipment and machinery. They require minimal foundational support.
Rigid Lifelines® Portable Base Swing Arm systems provide 360-degree fall protection on a portable base designed to be moved with a forklift