Thousands of satisfied customers have used this siren in a wide range of industrial, municipal, and a variety of other emergency signaling applications. The F-2 recently received Grade A Shock Approval, allowing its use on all US Navy Guided Missile Destroyers !!! The F-2 employs a carefully machined and balanced aluminum fan and housing, and aluminum, powder coated projectors. The air intake is screened to protect against foreign matter. Corrosion protected, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. The model F-2 tested at 117 dB. at 10 ft outdoor, 113 dB. at 10 ft. in an anechoic chamber, and at 103 dB(A) in a reverberant room to U.L. Standard 464. The model F-2 runs on 120 volt AC/DC power, with a running amperage of 2.5 amps. With the mounting bracket in the upright position, the F-2 is 15 3/8" long, and 8 1/2" in diameter at its widest point. Shipping weight is 11 pounds.
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
F-2-110Mechanical Industrial Warning Siren, 110 VAC/DC575.34