Important Facts to Consider: Electro-Mechanical Warning Siren. No speakers or amplifiers here, just real, honest, big-time, worry free sound. 100% Maintenance Free. Not just a part of the siren, the whole system !! NON-ROTATING. Forget about the worries of rotating sirens, this unit only has two moving parts !! Mechanically produced sound - stronger and further reaching than electronically produced sound. Proven, this siren has been deployed in cities around the world, and is the best selling dual tone siren available today. Lifetime Tech Support is included with every siren. No matter how old your siren is, we will help you through any problems. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY so you can rest assured your siren will be functional at all times. The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) has given this siren an expected useable life of 53 years!! Try getting that out of a rotating siren or one of those silly pole stereos.** Designed for medium or small, growing communities this siren is a true workhorse. It is also our most popular dual tone siren. Rated at 122 dB at 100 feet, the Model 15V2T is an OMNI-DIRECTIONAL siren which produces continuous 360º coverage, making it a superior alternative to a rotating siren. The 15V2T is available in either single or three phase power. The Model 15V2T is a dual tone siren, employing two rotors with different numbers of ports to produce a greater range of frequency. One rotor produces 460 cycles per second, and the other produces 920 cycles per second. The Model 15V1T is a single tone siren, with both rotors producing 460 cycles per second. All exposed siren components are of metal construction, which are "Powder Coated" for the most durable finish available. The fan and housing are made of non-corrosive cast aluminum. Maximum diameter of the Model 15V2T shall be 78", maximum height of 65", and maximum mounting base of 19" square. Shipping weight of the siren alone is 750 lbs.
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
15V2T-315 HP, Dual Pitch, Warning Siren in 3 Phase Power10,011.75
15V2T-115 HP, Dual Pitch, Warning Siren in Single Phase Power11,417.95