Facial Quality Toilet Tissue Softer and more absorbent tissue provides at-home quality. Premium wrapper adds an upscale touch to any facility. Safe for sewer and septic systems. 4.5" core 100% recycled fibers 20% post-consumer
Center Flow Towels Eliminate problems associated with folded towels. Sanitary one-at-a-time dispensing reduces chance of cross-contamination. 100% recycled 60% post-consumer
Facial Tissue Premium quality tissue offers at-home comfort. Softer thicker tissue is gentle non-irritating and absorbent. Attractive box adds upscale touch to guest and meeting rooms
Folded Hand Towels High-quality folded towels are thicker stronger and more absorbent so you use less
Perforated Roll Towels Easily handle even the largest clean-up jobs. Soft to the touch with premium embossing and enhanced absorbency for home-like performance away from home