Drop forged steel frame regular duty with extra deep-throat. Black oxide spindles and perma-pad® resist corrosion and are replaceable. Innovative frame geometry for maximum strength
Serrated Perma-Pad® and grooved anvil. Copper plated spindles and Perma-Pads® for resistance to welding spatter and corrosion
Frames made from high strength ductile iron castings. Sliding pin (vise type) handle single acme thread rolled spindle and oscillating ball and socket tip
Regular duty with standard throat depth. Wilton® Perma-Pads®
Offers generous throat depth substantial load capacity. Steel swivel pads provide secure clamping. Black-oxide coating on spindle resists rust
Super-Junior® clamps are forged steel with heat treated frames to provide a much stronger clamp than pressed steel or malleable clamps. Steel screws are zinc plated for longer life
Rugged design and large workload capacity make these vises perfect for the most difficult drilling tapping or reaming operations. The 1300 series is made of graded cast iron and offers a ground vise bed for a smooth consistent jaw movement and hardened top U-groove jaws. The 1400 series is made of graded cast iron and features precision 90Â? machining of the vise's sidebodies which allows them to be used additionally as bases. A rapid action nut exists on the 1400 series for fast...
Large anvil. 60,000 PSI tensile ductile iron body parts for mass and strength. Self-centering pipe jaws - hardened steel jaws hold up to 6" pipe safely, securely. Hardened steel jaw inserts - machine serrated, replaceable jaws assure a positive hold. Locking swivel base - with double lockdowns for non-slip hold in any position. Precision thrust bearing creates greater clamping pressure and increased longevity
Large anvil work surface. Heavy duty 30 000 PSI castings for long life and added strength. Swivel bar rotates 360Â? and has double lockdowns ensuring maximum stability. Powder coat paint resists scratches and provides a tough durable finish. Replaceable hardened steel top and pipe jaws