Super Vac

The E2 Models feature a tough, no frills method of supplying c lean air to a structure. Perfect for the department buying their first electric PPV or when budgets are tight. The EXP models feature a conductive, aluminum blade for the highest level of explosion protection in the industry. Perfect for the department that wants to be able to use their electric PPV for all types of ventilation situations. The VR2 series features rheostat control of speed function. Will operate on GFI circuts...
The 716 is designed to compact dimensions that fit the tightest pumper compartments. An excellent choice when light weight and low cost are critical for your district.
The most popular sizes in the industry and the perfect combination of small size and high power. They feature the highest horsepower in their class for maximum airflow. Perfect for the department with a mixture of residential and small commercial structures in their district.
The most powerful portable fan in the fire service. This fan is a serious workhorse to make quick work of ventilating larger occupancies. Perfect for the department with large commercial structures in their district.
The patented battery powered units provide your departments with perfect combination of quick set-up and clean, quiet airstreams. These units can be used in remote locations, without nearby power generation for up to 2 hours in duration. The WT series water powered fans are powerful unites for extreme conditions. These units are perfect for districts thatt include docks, shipping facilities, andl arge commercial structures that may require the ventilation of hazardous atmospheres.
"No Other Machine Like It" Smoke training used to ba a nightmare for instructors using glycol based smokers that frequently clogged, produced rapidly dissipating smoke taht burned when inhaled, and left slippery residue on surfaces. That all changed with the introduction of Super Vac's new self cleaning mineral oil based, Cloud 9 Smoker, which produces huge amounts of pure white smoke, doesn't cause breathing discomfort, has superior hang time, and leaves no slippery...
The HeatPac will provide over 70,000 BTU's of heat for over 10 hours when connected to a standard propane tank. This can heat air at a temperature rise 80 degrees over ambient and flow of 500 cfm. Perfect for the department that wants to provide their customers with the utmost in comfort during difficult situations.
The London Fogger has been designed with safety and reliability in mind. Every unit is equipped with the exclusive Auto Extract System (AES) that extracts fluid from the heating module after smoke production. The AES prevents residual buildup, clogging, and reduces incidental puffing. Each unit comes complete with a remote control on a 50 foot extention cord to make that next raining exercise go extra smooth. And with the AES, you are guaranteed that the first puff of smoke won't be...
The GP164 is the smallest gasoline powered fan in the industry. The versatile design features the ability to attach duct to the inlet or outlet side of the fan. An excellent choice when size and versatility are required in your district.
The HF164 is the most powerful 16" fan in the industy and can easily be used for negatic or positive pressure ventilation. Running at 3500 rpm, it has the power to force or pull air deep into a structure or underground vault.