Has a fire-resistance rating of at least 1/2 hour. The barrier shall interrupt all lines of sight between cylinders
Has two perma-clamps and a lifting eye. Accommodates the variable wheel sizes
Light to medium duty carts. Available with different wheels and an optional tool tray. The "S" represents steel ball bearing and semi-pneumatic wheels
The 780-10 is designed to hold two large hi-pressure cylinders and is built for abuse; This cart is excellent for use on docks and delivery trucks. The 780-10 can also be used as a two-wheeler for delivery of hard goods (electrodes, etc.). The LCT-12-6 is a new design with spring load hanger; This cart is the same width as the cylinder for easy maneuverability through doorways and truck isles; It has 12" pneumatic front wheels and 6" rubber coated steel casters in the rear. The 730-12...