The only bag you need to carry your stretcher accessories. Large enough to carry your webbing spider and low angle straps. Keep everything you need right there with your stretcher. Color Orange. Weight 11 oz. (311g). Made in USA.
This excellent stainless steel edge guard will give you the needed abrasion protection when entering over sharp edges. will fit entries as small as 18". Works great with stretchers and people over manholes, ladder rungs, railings, pipes or any surface in which the lifeline may become damaged. weight 5 lbs. Made in USA
The Cascade water rescue helmet features a liner system tested to impressive standards without compromising comfort. The closed cell foam liner makes it ultra comfortable while keeping the helmet weight under 17 ounces. Multiple impacts, polypropylene liner. Four point anchoring system, Stainless steel hardware. Lifetime warranty. Made in U.S.A **Available in Red and Yellow. Size -- X-Small = up to 21.25" Small = 21.5 to 22.25 Medium = 22.5 to 23" Large - 23.25 to 23.75" X-...
Stainless steel side plates place the CMI high line pulley a cut above the rest. Large diameter sheave allows a knotted 12" (12.5mm) rope to pass with ease. The sheave can be locked off to make a full strength tie off with the quick pins supplied. The CMI stainless steel side plates include a special groove providing a simple to use, secure location to store the quick release pins when not in use. The large center hole is used to support the load and will accept up to 3 carabiners. The two...
High quality 2" (50mm) and 3" (76mm) pulleys designed to work with 8mm Prusik slings tied on 7/16" or 1/2" (11 or 12.5mm) ropes. Top whole will accept two carabiners. Made in USA
Stainless steel swing side cheeks. Aluminum Shave. Large sheave accept ropes uo to 5/8" (16mm) Tope hole will accept two carabiners.
High quality, low cost pulleys with swing side cheeks featuring steel or aluminum checks. Tope hole will accept two carabiners. Made in USA.
A pulley for every need. All feature swing side cheeks. Celcon®, aluminum or steel sheaves. Use steel sheaved pulleys for ropes course with wire rope. Tope whole will accept two carabiners. Double ended pulley has a Becket to simplify block and tackle systems. Made in USA.
Assembled SMC Brake Bar Racks use the SMC 6 Bar Rack frame, SMC Tie-Off Bar, and 5 stainless steel bars. Generally, the stainless steel bars will provide longer wear and avoid aluminum deposits on your rope. The twisted eye positions the rack in the correct alignment when using a rescue harness with a front D-Ring or when clipped into an anchor for a lowering system. The traditional straight eye works well with caving and climbing harnesses.
Skedco developed the HALF-SKED for extricating patients from spaces too tight or restricted for other stretchers. We think the HALF-SKED is ideal for tactical teams that need to secure and rapidly extricate an injured person, Skedco offers the HALF-SKED in military green as well as the traditional orange. The HALF-SKED allows rescuers to bed the patient at the hips in order to turn corners in caves or confined spaces. The HALF-SKED uses two-inch wide chest and leg straps with side-release...