819 Nipple Chuck Kit holds short or close nipples for threading. Holds studs for threading. For use with 300 Power Drive, 300 Compact, 535 and 1822 (with adapter kit) and 1224 Threading Machines. Standard Nipple Chuck includes insert and 5 adapters: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" (Nipple Chuck body serves as 2" adapter)
These taps are especially suited for restricted area work. All taps have taper of 3/4" per foot
Designed for use in restricted spaces on small diameter
Fully floating forged hook jaw. Heat-treated replaceable jaw. Jaw opening parallel to handle. Easy spin nonstick adjustment nut. Instant grip/release
Instant grip/release. Heat-treated replaceable jaw. Easy spin nonstick adjustment nut. Fully floating forged hook jaw. Replaceable hook and heel jaws
The 456 Tri-Bender is designed to easily bend three different sizes of soft tubing with the same tool. A 90°start angle minimizes effort required to form a bend. Handy reference marks indicate the angle for quick bends through 90°
Nearly 50% lighter than comparable cast-iron models of the same size. Features a jaw opening parallel to the handle. Narrow hook jaw head provides easy entry into tight spots