Zinc die-cast caps, zinc plated spouts and heavy duty triggers. Interchangeable, replaceable spouts complete with wire closure tips. Spout tips have 12-32 threads. Spout bases have 3/8"-24 threads. Durable epoxy finish bodies. Pumps most non-corrosive fluid which will seek its own level. Not recommended for water based adhesives
Engineered for heavy duty use. Two-piece telescoping suction tube. Rugged epoxy finish pump assembly. Discharge spout thread fits all garden hose fitting. Complete with a standard bung adapter, tough all steel foot valve and piston valve
Most popular all-purpose fluid dispenser. Ideal for transmission fluid
Capacity indicates what the funnel will hold when the outlet is blocked
Deluxe measures with spill proof tops. Angled spouts for ease of pouring. Rolled edge, easy grip handles. Calibrated fill line. Available in both rigid spout with 7/8" OD top and flexible spout with 1/2" OD tip models
Spring loaded ball check valve. For all hand operated lube equipment (not for power lubricating euqipment)
Heavy duty, drawn steel bodies. Durable epoxy finish bodies resist rust. Zinc plated, detachable rigid and flex spouts. Rigid spouts have a ledge-cone machined tip to lift oil filler dust caps. Flex spouts detachable tip threaded 10-32 with closure cap. Hollow wire extensions available seperately for flex spouts
Variable/short stroke for easy use in confineed areas. Rugged fully zinc plated finish. 2-way loading cartridge or suction
Designed for one hand operation. Thumb operated valve controls flow, flip action locks valve open. Flexible metal spout with tapered tip swings into the necessary angle for hard to reach jobs. Recessed bottoms drain fully and guard against puncture. Rolled edge top helps prevent oil spillage