These smaller-sized, lightweight cylinders eliminate over-purchasing when only small quantities are necessary. These steel cylinders are recommended for non-ractive gas miztures and pure gases such as argon, helium and nitrogen. They combine a convenient portable size with a wide range of capacities to handle any field calibration requirement. More varieties available. Call for other formulations and blends.
These compact, ilghtweight aluminum cynlinders are recommended for gas mixtures that are not stable in steel cylinders. Typical components blended in these packages include amonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. They are available in capacities from 11 liters (0.4 cu. ft.) to 116 liters (4.0 cu. ft.). More varieties available. Call for other formulations and blends.
Flow control and pressure reducing regulators. The 400 (417, 418) series single-stage, piston-style regulators are designed to deliver a preset flow of non-corrosive gases in the 17 liter or 34 liter non-refillable cylinders with CGA 600 inlets. Each regulator comes with a cylinder pressure gauge. The 500 (517, 518) series regulators are single-stage, piston-style, regulators desgiend to deliver a preset flow of non-reactive and low-level reactive (less than 100 PPM)* gas mixtures from 58...
Our two, three, or four bottle cases provide a safe and convenient method for transporting and storing your Norlab calibration standards. A fixed-flow, multiflow or pressure reduction regulator and your calibration kit is complete. We have also introduced a "hands-fre" carrying bag to accomodate two cylinders. Carry it over the shoulder or on a belt around your waist.
Supplemental Accessory for Norlab Products. FEP-2 and FEP-4 - Teflon FEP Tubing (for chlorine). TY2002 - Tygon Tubing. All Tubing sold by the foot.