Fast-dying, marks on almost anything. Writes on any surface: porous/non-porous, rough/smooth/rusty, wet/oily/dry. Permanent marks withstand heat and weathering. Replaceable tips available
Permanent paint marks are automatically removed by the pickling bath prior to galvanizing. Writes on wet, oily or dry surfaces. Writes on rough , rusty or smooth surfaces
Non-reflecting surface that won't chip peel or rub off. Eliminates glare. Prevents eyestrain. Scribed lines stand out sharp and clear
Meets purity specifications for stainless steel and nuclear components. Writes on rough or smooth surfaces. Marks withstand heat and weathering
Uses polyurethane paint to product tough weather-proof, chip-resistant marks. Writes on rough, smooth or rusty surfaces. Writes on wet, oily or dry surfaces
Designed for fine line layout work on all metals. The marks will illuminate when cutting or welding. Marks do not burn off or rub off like soapstone. Pencils will not break like soapstone. Can be sharpened with an ordinary pencil sharpener
Marks are permanent - will withstand head and weathering. Marks can be easily removed from non-porous surfaces. Solid stick of paint protected by an unbreakable plastic case. Writes on any surface: rough/smooth/rusty, wet/oily/dry. Writes under water