Provides excellent protection against extreme pressure and high temperatures. Contains no graphite, lead or copper and can be used in applications where these are undesirable or prohibited
Never-Seez® High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is an exclusive combination of a specially formulated high temperature grease and lubricating enhancers that provides long lasting lubrication. Has no "dropping point"— will not melt. Good extreme pressure characteristics. Contains no metallic particles
Excellent resistance to corrosion. Prevents seizure at high temperatures. Resists galvanic action between dissimilar metals. Speeds disassembly. Prevents galling. Resists alkaline solutions, chemical and acid vapors, road salt, steam, salt water and iodized water
Extreme pressure lubricant formulated to assure absolute parts protection against seizure, galling and corrosion in fresh and salt water environments. Offers unparalleled resistance to water washout and the best protection in continuous high moisture environments both above and below water lines
Excellent heat dispersing qualities. Prevents galling on steel-to-stainless, titanium, magnesium and other hard metals
Protects against rust, corrosion, carbon fusion and seizure at high temperatures. Keeps parts working longer with less wear, and enables faster disassembly when repairs are needed
Premium quality lubricant composed entirely of ingredients which meet FDA requirements where incidental food contact is possible. It is a virtually odorless, colorless and tasteless multi-purpose lubricant for varied services within the food handling plant