Master Appliance

Resettable thermostat - Protects element against over heating. Built-in hand guard. 3-wire grounded cord set - A positive grounding system for user safety. Built-in stand. Use to bend and form plastics, dry body fillers, remove decals, spot dry paint, shrink tubing, packaging and more
Powerful high speed universal motor. Sturdy die cast housing. Adjustable non-slip stand. Use to bend plastics, cure adhesives, dry parts, heat parts, shrink tubing and packaging, strip paint and more
Built-in self-igniting system with safety lock that ensures the switch is not turned on when not in use. Built-in "refillable" plastic fuel tank. Adjustable flame that will produce a broad or pinpoint flame. Use to heat materials, ignite materials, pinpoint torch, shrink tubing, solder and desolder, terminate specialty connectors and more. "Hands Free" mode
Lightweight, compact, easy to use. Built-in stand. Use to activate adhesives, bend plastics, dry filler material, shrink tubing and packaging, stretch vinyls, strip paint and more
Built-in fuel filter for consistent fuel ignition. Built-in window indicates fuel level. Dual function soldering iron and heat tool. Use to pinpoint heat, remove surface mount components, repair vinyl, shrink heat shrinkable tubing, solder & desolder, spot dry, strip insulation with hot knife and more
Adjustable non-slip stand. Lockable variable temperature control allows you to dial-in any temperature from ambient to 1000°F/540°C, and lock it in. Powerful high speed universal motor. Sturdy die cast housing. Use to activate adhesives, defrost frozen coils, heat sensitive material, melt solder, soften plastics and more