For applications where temperatures do not exceed 170°F/77°C. Uses include motor assemblies
Highly water resistant and tacky, they are designed for applications where the grease is subjected to heavy pressure and shock loads. Lithium complex soap with mineral oil and additives
Tacky grease. Capable of withstanding extreme pressure. Specially formulated for heavy duty construction and mining equipment. For slow to moderate speed bearings and chains that are subjected to higher temperatures and for on-highway use in trailer wheel bearings
These multi-purpose lubricants can withstand higher temperatures than traditional lithium greases. They provide high film strength, excellent shear stability, long lubricant life, and exceptional anti-wear properties. Lithium complex soap with mineral oil and additives. Capable of withstanding extreme pressure. Smooth, tacky, grease
High film strength, exceptional resistance to water, steam and other adverse conditions. Available in 4 NLGI densities for a variety of applications. Capable of withstanding extreme pressure. For automatic dispensers, centralized systems, and large lines, operating under adverse conditions
Formulated for higher temperature applications. They are shear stable, multi-purpose greases for both plain and anti-friction bearings. This series works well up to 375°F and for short intervals up to 40°F. Non-melt drop point. Smooth, tan grease. Capable of withstanding extreme pressure
Designed for both rotary and reciprocating types of air tools. Removes gumming and sludge
A smooth light-bodied grease made especially for motor assembly. Prevents "Dry-Start". Provides lubrication during the initial start up before the motor oil has circulated. Protects freshly machined engine parts from rust and corrosion. Uses include motor assemblies and transmission assemblies
Superior penetrating oil. A cleansing non-gumming oil. Lubricates wire rope, chains, cables, any moving metal surfaces. Prevents rust and corrosion. Protects brightwork, loosens rusty nuts and bolts. Ideal for tapping and drilling
High load-carrying capability. High shear stability. Smooth, tacky, white grease. Anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation additives. Resistance to water and caustic wash down. Designed for the food and beverage industries. For use in a variety of quick and clean applications, where a class H-1 oil is required