Lincoln Industrial

Full automatic operation—cycles continuously when trigger is pulled, self-priming. Low operational noise. Flip-over follower eliminates grease bypass. Heavy-duty spring for prime retention. Locking follower rod for easy loading. 40:1 air motor
For pull-on, push-on, or hook-on service
Strategically placed coiled spring provides non-slip, push-pull grip and prevents accidental "kinking" which could cause hose ruptures
Precisioin-machined, all steel handle, body, and guard bracket provides durability and longevity. Unique, precision control inlet check valve provides ease of handle operation even with increase in pressure. Knurled handle for positive grip. Handy trigger guard prevents pinching. Reversible inlet check seat and hydraulic jaws provide double life. Balanced design reduces user fatigue
Comes with handle grip and vent valve for purging air from gun. It's designed for rough treatment on the job with a cast iron pump head, precision fit plunger and extra heavy follower spring. Variable stroke/variable pressure: short stroke-high pressure: long-stroke high volume. Follower is set for cartridge use
Positive action locking mechanism so coupler cannot be detached accidentally. Extra large air passage insures greater air flow. Automatic air check valve shuts off air instantly when uncoupled, providing leak-proof seal. Corrosion-resistant steel plug and stainless steel check and check spring for long service life. Free swiveling action prevents curling or kinking of air hose
Allows operator to contact flush type or hard to reach hydraulic type fittings
Jam-proof handle return mechanism. Rugged one piece head casting. Follower is set for cartridge use
Rechargable battery operated grease gun. Two-speed design delivers outstanding flow & pressure. Stroke indicator enables user to accurately measure output. High-tech smart charger recognizes battery condition with a one-hour recharge. Worker-friendly features including a comfortable grip, balanced design, built-in coupler holder
Assures positive prime at lowest temperature. Drum not included