Nitrile rubber covered forestry hoses that require no washing or drying and are mildew resistant. A protective rubber covering resists burns and prevents damage of the textile reinforcement which may be caused by abrasion or hot embers. The standard color is high visibility yellow.
A lightweight polyester jacket, polyurethane lined forestry fire hose that meets the USDA-US Forest Service Specification 5100-187. The standard color for Imperial F187 is white. Other colors available are yellow.
Imperial Super Attack is a lightweight nitrile rubber through-the-weave construction fire hose. Its synthetic jacket is completely protected and locked in by a rubber cover and lining for extra toughness and durability. A heavy rib construction makes this hose resistant to cuts, punctures, impact and abrasion. Imperial Super Attack is a 600 psi (4200 kPa) fire hose that withstands temperatures from 1200°F to –37°F, (649°C to –38°C). Its light-weight design is virtually non-kinking and ideal for...
Imperial Superlite is an ultra-lightweight, maneuverable, nitrile rubber hose designed specifically for fighting fires in high rise buildings. The lightweight through-the-weave construction is heat and puncture resistant, kink resistant and has low friction loss. The rubber cover prevents water from penetrating the reinforcement thus minimizing the weight of the hose when in service. The standard color for Imperial Superlite is blue.