Harper Trucks

Cylinder is securely held by a spring loaded hold chain which is encased in a plastic tube
Adjustable "Expanda Dollies". These dollies handle cryogenic dewars. Harpers four wheel Lo-Load dolly allows cylinders to be loaded directly from 600 truck or rolled on to the base easily
Strong and compact in design having excellent balance and rollability. All models have a cylinder hold chain and hose supports. Concealed angle legs prevent load from resting on wheels when truck is stationary. Handles small to medium cylinders. Recommended for small shops and garages having hard surface floors. Series 100 trucks are strong and compact in design
Welded on tool boxes are standard on all three sizes of trucks in this series. Hose hooks and welding rod holder tubes provide greater utility. Handles small, medium and large cylinders. Deluxe Models have refinements and features such as handle bars with hand grips for better control and stability when moving the loaded unit
Most popular and versatile large cylinder truck. Continuous handle gives truck frame more rigidity. Safer with no sharp projections and provides a push bar or hand grip for two when necessary. High floor clearance when moving over rough surfaces or cluttered areas. Angle legs remove load from the wheel when truck is stationary. Handles medium and large cylinders. Optional feature is a fire barrier
Available in two and four wheel models and is designed to handle heavy CRYOGENIC LIQUID GAS CYLINDERS. This larger sized frame and repositioned front wheels which allow secure handling without excessive force. The 650A50-51 is designed to handle larger 20" -26" diameter liquid gas cylinders. This model equipped with the QUAD Hook will handle a wide variety of large gas cylinders. Newly designed single hook adjusts from 50" to 60" in height which makes it more versatile for...
Provides a wide range of utility for handling oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, helium, argon and other gas cylinders. Handles medium to large cylinders
These models are designed to carry small medical oxygen cylinders. All are designed for safety, balance and ease of moving
Stationary cylinder holder and wall brackets safely secure cylinders to wall. Meets insurance requirements and eliminates the hazard of loose cylinders. Equipped with "Chain-Lok" take up feature