The Pure Choice. The sealed ready to use cartridges ensure safe, pure, contaminant-free flushing fluid for years. The self-evacuating cartridges store the fluid and help maintain a required flow throughout the entire 15-minute flush without any external force. The actuation is a simple, one-step process—just pull the tray down in an easy motion and the fluid begins to flow in less than a second. Sealed Fluid Cartridges, Preserved Saline Solution, 70lbs (31.75 kg)
Encon's Aquarion® Self-Contained Eyewash offers a sleek, slim design and an innovative mounting method for use on any wall, tight hallway, column, shelf or cart. Installation to these or almost any other structural support is fast and simple, requiring only one person. The Aquarion® offers the first sealed flexible cartridge that completely self-evacuates without external forces applied, providing reliable performance when you need it most. It's the ultimate choice in eyewash stations...
Shelter Fire Extinguishers from Hostile Conditions with Encon's Fire Extinguisher Wall Cases. Provide protection for fire extinguishers to keep them in ready condition by choosing a wall case that resists the corrosive conditions found in most industrial settings. Encon wall cases withstand the harshest of conditions protecting your fire extinguisher so that it will be ready if and emergency arises. Features and Benefits Include: Chemical resistant ABS plastic thermoformed construction,...
Encon's Galvanized Combination Showers are available in a variety of configurations of Pipe, Shower Heads, Fountain Type, and Special Features. See below, or call for configuration options.
TANK: High Visibility yellow polyethylene; two carrying handles; operation and mainenance instructions on front graphics. EYEWASH: Enclosed ABS Plastic heads integral to hinged drain tray; non-injurious, dual stram of water at 0.4 gpm (1.5 lpm). FILL WEIGHT: 138 lbs (62.6 kg), 15 minute fill. 19 lbs (8.6 kg), empty. Industry Standard Yellow, Minimum 15 Minute Non-Injurious Stream.
Gravity Fed Eyewash With Thermostatically Controlled Heating Element, Thermal Cover
Encon's Pedestal Mounted Eyewash can be configured with either an ABS Yello-Bowl® or SS Bowl. The piping is configurable with SS, Galvanized or PVC.
Encon's Corrosion-Resistant Coating variety of the Combination Showers provides an additional benefit. Multiple onfigurations of Pipe, Shower Heads, Fountain Type, and Special Features are available. See below, or call for configuration options.
Pressurized Portables: Fixed Eyewash, Coiled Hose & Drench Head
Tamper seal security feature - door cannot be opened without breaking the seal. Molded plastic construction made of chemical resistant ABS structural foam. Three well spaced interlocking hinges provide excellent support for the door and reduce door deflection when in the open position. Bulb rubber gasket provides virtual air tight seal. Optional large viewing window (clear polycarbonate) positioned on lower portion of door to provide for a SCBA Air Gauge Viewer (AGV). Internal dual latch...