360-degree adjustable DSL with two 90-degree quadrants graduated in 2-1/2-degree increments. 2 cast-in 25-pound pull magnets. Groove on bottom permits use on small pipe. Lightweight
Use with a burning torch or straight edge. Base has three 30-pound pull cast-in magnets. Withstands heat and spatter
Suitable for marking but not to be used as a center punch
Head is fitted with an adjustable dial bubble protractor and a manually operated hardened centering pin
A great value for your pipe fitting and marking needs. Purchase your Contour essentials with one part number
The Curv-O-Mark® Aligner Base is notched at either end for ease in aligning on the centerline of the pipe and has two 25-pound pull, cast-in magnets for holder either a flat horizontal or vertical position. The base will accept either leg of a standard or combination square and will work on pipe diameters from 1" on up, requiring only the extension on the legs of the square being used to accommodate larger diameters
Used as a dial degree utility level or two-holing flange alignment. Protective housing contains an adjustable DSL. Fitted with a threaded
The jumbo contour marker (JCM) has been developed for use in the layout of large diameter pipe. With its structural adapter
Magnetic base