CM Columbus McKinnon

Forged in the US from high quality carbon steel. Clevis hooks have heat treated pins. Hooks are heat treated and tempered. Finishes include self-colored, painted red, or bright zinc (ASME B633-85 Class Fe/Zn 5, Type III). Hooks embossed with chain grade, fractional size, and country of origin (USA). Hooks embossed with trace code providing traceability throughout manufacturing and testing process to heat of steel. Design ultimate strength equals 3 times working load limit, matching NACM...
Double grip, double saddle wire rope clips allow full arc wrench swing for quicker installation, retightening or disassembly of nuts. Mid-Grip clips cannot be installed incorrectly with the saddle not on the live rope end. Forged from special bar quality steel with the sizes clearly marked on the saddles
Provides more control in binding and releasing without extra tools. Handle closes down away from load with more leverage. Functionally superior to any other on the road. Handles are drop forged from special bar quality steel. Hooks are heat treated steel. Single welded links as in binder chain for better reliability. More take-up for binding greater loads and smaller handle riveted nose to prevent spreading at the critical loading point
Drop forged base*1/8"- 5/8"
Cotter pin retained load pins. Not recommended for overhead lifting in sling application
Sizes for use on < to =" chain. Binders rated for Grade 30, Grade 43, Grade 70, and some Grade 80 applications. Binders available with cast or forged handles. All are proof tested when assembled. All components are forged in the USA. For binding difficult loads such as industrial machinery and steel erection
All shackle bodies and pins are forged from alloy steel, heat treated and tempered. All shackles are marked with size (inches and millimeters) and working load limit in tons. Ultimate strength equals 5 times working load limit. Bolt, nut & cotter shackles have thread protected ends and are 100% proof tested. Painted shackles are orange. Standard industry tolerances apply. Built-in Distortion Detectors (3/8" - 2"). When ordering, specify galvanized (G) or painted (P)
Plated load chain is standard. Weston type load brake. Rubber grip for better comfort and security. Use in confined conditions with one hand operation. Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard. Impact resistant all-steel frame, gear case, and cover. Free chaining feature serves to quickly attach the load