"GX" clamp is entirely drop forged and heat treated. Can be used for both vertical and horizontal-to-vertical lifting. Exclusive feature is a patented wear indicator system. When any of cam's straight line convex teeth are flattened between unique wear indicator grooves it is time to change the cam. Shackle and "G" link combined into one part for fewer stress points and less chance of side loading damage. *Note: The pad should be replaced at the same time as the cam....
Blue U-bolt for identification. Drop-forged base with heavy hex nuts. For making eye termination assemblies. Not for use with plastic-coated wire rope
Designed to grab and hold a chain link in place not for lifting personnel
For decorative non-load bearing use including creating borders for flower beds gardens driveways etc.. Not for use in overhead lifting towing or pulling
Recommended for turning plates from horizontal to vertical as well as through a 180 degree arc. The convex serrated cam swivels on a ball joint so that the area of cam engagement increases as load increases. Drop forged body and shackle. 100% proof tested with certificate of test attached to each clamp. * Note screw needs to be hand tight only! Do not over tighten
Excellent general-purpose chain of standard commercial quality. Do not use for overhead lifting. Uses include fabricating tow chains binding or tie down chains and logging chains
Do not use for overhead lifting. Designed for use in load binding towing logging and more
All chains listed may be used in accordance with the latest D.O.T. regulations. Do not use for overhead lifting