1.6 mil guage can liner with equivalent strength of 2.0 mil liner. Perforated roll for easy dispensing. Coreless rolls save space and material. Star-sealed bottom. Includes four rolls of 25 can liners, 100 can liners per case. Super extra-heavy grade can liners are: 43 x 47, 60-Gallon.
Single ply or double ply,white. Please see descriptions below for more specific information. Case quantities only.
Embossed bath tissue
Soft center pull towels are 2 ply. Roll is 8" and have 660 sheets per roll. Packed 6 per case.
Embossed bath tissue. Contains 65% recycled material
Performance bottom seal resists leakage. Made from high quality raw materials mineral reinforced to enhance strength and puncture-resistance
Designed primarily for hand-drying in washrooms when combined with the appropriate dispenser. Embossed. 2" core