1.6 mil guage can liner with equivalent strength of 2.0 mil liner. Perforated roll for easy dispensing. Coreless rolls save space and material. Star-sealed bottom. Includes four rolls of 25 can liners, 100 can liners per case. Super extra-heavy grade can liners are: 43 x 47, 60-Gallon.
Snap onto the clip-on frame (sold separately) from a standing position. 12-gauge zinc-plated steel hardware. 180° swivel head with sliding nylon lock
Four-ply cut-end yarn. Absorbent natural cotton fiber for general mopping. Rayon has immediate absorbency and wet release properties ideal for finishing. Standard heads use clamp style mop handles lieflat heads use lieflat screw-in handles
Star seal bottom helps prevent leakage. High-density polyethylene offers superior film strength. Ideal for paper & non-sharp objects. Perforated for easy tear-off & dispensing convenience.
Industrial strength drum liners feature a star-seal bottom that helps prevent leakage. Low-density polyethylene provides excellent resistance to punctures & tearing. Coreless rolls.
Linear low-density polyethylene provides industrial-strength puncture & tear resistance. Star-seal bottom helps prevent leaks. Individually folded for quick & easy dispensing.
Performance bottom seal resists leakage. Made from high quality raw materials mineral reinforced to enhance strength and puncture-resistance
Quick release bar for easy loading. Double-riveted head
For high volume usage. Covers more floor area by absorbing up to seven times its own weight. Looped ends reduce unraveling and linting. Durable double-sewn tailband. Launderable in a mesh bag