White HPPE White Polyurethane Coated Glove

These silicone free gloves are made with white HPPE fiber, the strongest, high performance fiber in the world. Providing two levels of protection, the glove is knitted from 100% HPPE ultra high density polyethylene fiber and coated with white polyurethane to protect against cuts and abrasions. The gloves are machine washable and are ideal for precise and delicate operations such as glass handling, bottling and canning, appliance manufacturing, automobiles, recycling and cutting applications.
Product #DescriptionPrQuantity
WC720DWU-LSize Large4.72
WC720DWU-MSize Medium4.72
WC720DWU-SSize Small4.72
WC720DWU-XLSize X-Large4.72
WC720DWU-XXLSize 2X-Large4.72