TwentyTwenty® Plus Facepiece with Hydration Tube

Stay Hydrated! When working long term in particular environments and situations, stay hydrated with the new TwentyTwenty Plus full facepiece with integrated Hydration Tube. Simply connect your fluid source directly to the new TwentyTwenty Plus with Hydration Tube. (Canteen not available to order through Honeywell). Did you know? According to OSHA, employees should be encouraged to drink 1 cup of water (or acceptable alternative for fluid replacement) every 15 minutes to prevent heat stress. When wearing a Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator (PD-SAR), taking regular fluid breaks can be time-consuming as the worker needs to exit the environment, doff & re-don the PD-SAR, and enter back to work resulting in loss of time and money. Honeywell has the solution! The newest PD-SAR facepiece option – the TwentyTwenty Plus with Hydration – connects workers directly to their fluid source. This keeps them hydrated during long work hours or strenuous conditions reducing the frequency of fluid breaks. Industries: Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Checmical Processing. Applications: Confined Space Entry, Shut down/Turn around, and Chemical Processing/Handling. Features and Benefits: TwentyTwenty Plus with Hydration Tube keeps workers hydrated during long work hours or strenuous conditions. Multiple sizes available to fit all face shapes and sizes. Can be used with clear liquids, electrolyte drinks, and light meal replacement liquids for any hydration need. TwentyTwenty Plus with Hydration Tube used with PD-SAR is for use in hazardous atmospheres including those identified as immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) – environments with little or no oxygen, with high concentrations of contaminants or where concentrations of contaminants are unknown. NIOSH approved with Panther PD-SAR Hip-Pacs (sold seperately).
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
SVA212012Small, Med Nosecup, Strap381.45
SVA212022Medium, Med Nosecup, Strap381.45
SVA212016Small , Med Nosecup, Headnet381.45
SVA212026Medium, Med Nosecup, Headnet381.45
SVA212036Large, Med Nosecup, Headnet381.45