Lithium Keyless Entry Batteries

Keyless remotes have gone from a luxury to a standard in today's automobiles. Rayovac Keyless Entry Batteries provide your customers with a full lineup to meet all their needs. Watches calculators remote controls and medical devices all require batteries
Product #DescriptionBxQuantity
620-KECR2016-1Lithium Keyless Entry Battery 2016 Sz Crd 3.0 Vt 6/Bx11.18
620-KECR2025-1Lithium Keyless Entry Battery 2025 Sz Crd 3.0 Vt 6/Bx12.25
620-KECR1616-146282 Lithium Keyless Entry Battery 3.0-Volt 6/Bx12.44
620-KECR2032-1C46277 Lithium Keyless Entry Battery 2032 Size 3V 6/Bx8.79